Suppression of epidemics cannot rely solely on the hope of effective vaccines and/or medical treatment: we need a "Plan B" of effective behavioural, environmental, social and systems interventions (BESSI) to reduce transmission.

The BESSI Collaboration aim to provide information about planned and completed research into reducing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and facilitate both novel and replication research.

Weekly score card of controlled trials*

Many types of research are needed; the scorecard below focuses on trials as one snapshot of current research. Data derived from Epistomonikas LOVE website using the procedure, education and social distancing question filters and COVID-19 population filter.

Updated: 11/09/2020



Given the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to be around to at least mid-2021 (potentially followed by seasonal outbreaks) - even if a vaccine or effective treatments are developed - it is imperative to address BESSI evidence gaps now and to develop longer-term research priorities and processes to improve evidence about BESSInterventions to prevent and manage future infectious disease outbreaks.


We aim to provide public protocols of BESSI trials that may be used or adapted to help with replication and additional research.

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